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    here's a mannequinization I did today, a little bit messy, please roast me to death.

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    i'm fine with the messiness, because this is just practice. also, as an artist whose sketches are barely decipherable, i understand, the struggle is real

    i really like how this was constructed as a full model of the human body with the joints, without going too ham on the muscles; like, i think of mannequinization similar a summary of a story: you understand the work, without getting distracted by certain details or irrelevant scenes, and you have demonstrated an understanding of the human figure in 3d space without getting distracted by things like fingers or hair

    the only things that look weird to me are the feet, which i think look pretty flat. just make em a teeny bit thicker.

    i'm not really sure this critique helps, as my eyes are pretty untrained; nevertheless, i hope this means something! -mouse

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    Nice job on your mannekinization, Wangyuxiangorz, but I've got one small suggestion: Why don't you do yet another figure mannekinization, flipped vertically, in 30 seconds, please, please, please, please, please????? The reason why is because of two things: First of all, to access your brain's right hemisphere, and second to be more faster, more bolder, and more lighter with your line work on your longer studies. Hope you're gonna find this the biggest help for you of all,

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    wow i LOVE THIS!!! You're really nailing the volume I still have to go so far on that deparment nergjnf maybe work in the proportions a bit, mostly the feet since it looks like a very thick character i feel the feet are somewhat small for the rest of the body. Either way it's so good!!


    Yes! Outstanding on the sense of form and perspective!


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