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  • #29430 ive read michael hampton book and tried to mannequinize the body! what do you guys think??

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    Very nice breaking up of the body. May be you correct a little bit the center of the spine, I believe your hip block tends to go a bit to much foreward. But I am a beginner so please don't take it to serious. May you try it out and check how it feels to yourself if you make a small change.


    Nicest works on your mannequinization, Kh, but I'm not getting enough organic shapes and forms. How would you please kindly love to push your largest shapes and forms with 30 minutes of 2 minute studies or warm-ups? As a result, your poses will become the least mathematical and the most fluid and flowing of the lines or shapes or forms. My hat's off to you.


    yeah. its kinda tilted forward a bit much i guess thanks for an advice!!


    thanks polyvios for answering me all the time!! you mean like exaggerating the pose and pushing the line of action of a torso lot more and draw big if it gets toword the vewer and draw arms and legs more expressive kinda things and show it more lively?? i hope i got it right. thanks again!


    @Khj2005413 You're welcome.


    thank pokyvios!! i have one more question. is it helpful to copy other artits expressive caracters?? like ren and stimpy kinda exaggeration


    thank polyvios!! i have one more question. is it helpful to copy other artits expressive caracters?? like ren and stimpy kinda exaggeration


    It's pretty well-done!

    Tbh there is nothing I can really complain about :]

    I like that you can see the boxy structure as well as the smoothened silhouette. The limbs seem to be a little disattached from the rest of the body, even if it wasn't done unintentionally, I find it pretty cool.

    Keep it up!


    thanks! im learning perspective seriously now to make my structure good, and its a totall headache but fun to learn haha

    thanks for the comment!


    I don't know what mannequenizing is, but it seems to me like the legs are a little bit short for the torso. Unless the figure had those proportions, most women's bodies have longer legs compared to the torso. Right now it looks like the legs and the torso are the same length. But it could just be the disconnected lines that give the appearance.


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