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    Hello and Happy Spring!

    Another month has gone by so here is my monthly figure drawing progress video, as always, I am open to all your critiques!

    March was an exercise in patience, I have learned that progress is not linear but it is exponential!

    One small adjustment can change the way you see everything.

    I am studying from Michael Hampton's Figure Drawing Design and Invention book.


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    I love your solution to a very specific problem: How to present the art journey with all its many steps, without just spamming everything with the sheer mass of output.

    As a fellow user of Line of Action, there is off course the added thrill of recognition: "Ah, I know this reference, interesting how Valentine solved it differently", and also "Ah, I know the problem Valentine is working at, interesting how she(?) approaches it"

    Hals- und Beinbruch from a fellow traveller!

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    Wow, StValentine14, I love how well you've addressed your solution to the problem of documenting your progress in your figure drawing techniques. Great job, all in all. But still, I'm not getting enough of the exaggerated cartooning and flow in your figure's lines and line confidence. Would you like to go with your very first 1 hour class mode of figures?

    As a result, your poses and gestures, and anatomy can and will become less stiff and more dynamic, energetic, and fluid. Please break a leg by reading much more from the Mike Hampton book on figure drawing.

    Good luck to you.


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