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    I just replied to another user and i invite you to read my comment, i really think it would be useful to you cause it's exactly the same issue i see here, the link will be at the end of my post :

    But just to precise a bit about your drawing, i think there is a big problem of observation with the male character and that you should be careful about proportions, look at the size difference between his two legs...
    So now, maybe it's about the picture you used to actually do this drawing, maybe the model was in a particular position and with a particular angle of view that makes you think it's actually like that, but i'm sure there is something "too" or "not enough" somewhere, always keep in mind that if something looks weird on a photo, there is an explanation, and you will have to be really careful about it cause it will look way more weird on a drawing.

    After that, be careful about the way you use shading, i would recommend to use cross hatching at first to indicate shadows, and to keep away from brushes, if you keep working on computer try to work with a thin brush (9 pixels maximum) and don't change it while you draw, try to work as if you just had paper and a pen.



    Thank you, for the advice, will go for cross hatching on the next one, yeah the leg came out monstourously huge, I think I got focused on putting too much detail on the upper body instead of working the whole piece and making sure that ALL of it looked good and ran out of time.


    Have noticed to that my male lower bodies seem to come out not as good as the upper, might also do some studies on male legs, possibly feet too for both genders, I think I may also try starting my detail on the feet, legs and hands of my mid length poses because they often go unfinished once time runs out, which means I must not be training my brain to understand them, do you believe this would be a good use of time, or that it's just a matter of working on more observation? Once again thanks for the crit, it is really appreciated.


    I think at first that improving your observation and construction of the overall drawing will let you more time to focus on details.

    And also try to think "go from large to tiny" so if you are drawing toes one by one it means that every bigger piece of the drawing is actually OK, if it's not the case you might want to correct them.

    And also, try to draw lot of short poses, and when you are happy with one (but don't want to waste it) you click the pause button if you want to put more detail, if you think you are doing crap, or going too much in details, you open the model in another tab and continue drawing short poses, after few of them you come back to your longer drawing, etc...

    I think it's a good exercise cause the most important part of your drawing, and the one you might want to take to a higher level, is the first lines and intentions.
    And also, it's not some kind of competition, so don't worry about the time you spend on a drawing, it's better to take "THE" time to do things the right way, and trying to get faster at the same time, not just going fast and not being in control.

    At the same time, sometime, too much time is wasted time ^^ (it makes lot of time in the same sentence lol)

    And your drawing are not that bad, of course try not to put a HUGE leg on one side and a tiny one on the other ^^.
    But for example i liked the one on the bottom left, the women on her back, i think you are on some good way and you can improve! just practice ^^

    And you are welcome, i'm really happy if it's actually helpful ^^.

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