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    Hello I have been trying to gesture draw every day since late October. Check my post history I actually posted back then, well I've done p good, on most days I was able to put atleast 2 hours into drawing bodies, hands, faces, animals, etc. I have also started to work on shapes. Like rounding cubes and contours n such. I could use any critique or any resources really that could assist me, thank you in advance for your time.

    ^^i labeled the time frames in the top right corner, these are all from today's practice

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    First of all, congratulations on having been so consistent for three months and having started to learn.

    Your shading is pretty good and your way of expressing emotions with the head is laudable.

    What are you trying to improve? Proportions? Stiffness? Expression? Try to work on a particular area and compare your progress throughout the weeks.

    Here are some resources to help you, good luck on your art journey: (Gesture drawings tutorials) (An essential for learning perspective, 3d space and forms) (Big post with lots of resources on anatomy and other things) (Nice list of videos to watch) (Free online classes)

    (Old book, timeless advice. Especially if you wish to imitate another artist)

    Best wishes.


    yo thank you so much for the critique. That neogaf link is a gold mine omg. I straight up spent like 30 mins reading the whole post, probably the most informative post I have ever read on drawing. I am already cracking into the books posted on that page. Thank you again


    I went through your work and I like your curves, however I think you put too many of these in your drawings, you should practice with more angles, and I recommend you draw your 30 and 60 sec poses smaller, It will help you simplify the body and focus on big shapes, I also don't think 10 sec poses are usefull, and depending on your goals, more than 10 mins poses are also overkill, hope it will help you improve

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