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    Here is a picture I've drawn along with the reference.


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    Hey Modoman!

    I think the picture looks great. I did notice though that the right side of his face is in shadow. The left side seems to be in contact with a  light source. I also think that maybe some stronger ( light to dark)  tones might help overall.   I think that looking at your sketch, it would imply that he was in direct sunlight.



    Uploaded with


    lol....ooooo your so right! the funny part is.... I was so focused on trying to catch the likeness that I forgot about everything else...but i've recently being trying to practice shading and focusing on differentiating lights and shadows from one another. you wouldnt happen to know how to shade a stubble beard??.... would you?? lol.


    Ha! unfortunately no:) Just keep doing what your doing. Your definitely on the right track! The drawing looks nice though.


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