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    I love this website and there's so much to do and I spend hours drawing figure drawings but I have noticed it gets a little dry when all of the women and men have similar body types. I want to suggest that you guys add more photographs with different body types to add to the collection.

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    Great idea, and difficult to do. I work with figure models who pose for live drawing sessions, but are not able to be photographed because they also have jobs outside of art modeling. I can certainly appreciate that, but it means I couldn't add diversity to the photo collection this year. Next year I will continue working on the model diversity project. The reality is that I will need to find diverse photographic models and teach them how to pose for drawings.

    -David B.


    I was coming here to see if anyone had suggested this! I'm learning a lot from this website but just drawing men and women who are models is starting to get a bit stale (thought I love the variety of poses they present!)

    I would love it if there could be more types of people. Different sizes, ages, and physical features would be amazing.

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