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    androgenous, older, younger, fat, curvy, flat, square, soft, strong, etc, etc, please. Just more variety overall would be great. (It is better since the site update but continuing on this track would be much appreciated).


    Get more practice photos

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    I will upload some nude male images soon ...


    We really couldn't agree more; our library needs more diversity, period. In skin colors, in ages, in body types and weights.

    Most of the current images were provided by generous photographers. Although we have curated the selection, trying to prune out poor quality images or poses with no educational value, we only have what was offered to us. Young, skinny and white made up the vast majority of the images we were sent, and many of the ones we continue to receive. We've been making some slow progress toward expanding the collection, and were planning our own photoshoot for this summer to make a big dent in the problem. Unfortunately, coronavirus has put those plans on indefinite hold for now.

    We're currently working with a photographer in a country that has been able to control their outbreaks and lift their lockdowns, who is trying to help us with at least a few batches of more diverse photos over the next couple of months!

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