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    Hey! Are you by any chance drawing with the tripod grip rather than the overhand grip?

    Personally when I use the overhand grip I don't really need by index finger so maybe you would find success by using this grip with your right hand. This does mean that you would have to use larger paper and that you would need to draw with your shoulder/elbow instead of the wrist.

    Other than that, keep practicing! I'm definitely seeing some improvements in your drawings!

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    Thanks Jere! I unfortunately have come across the same RSI issue in my left hand since I tried doing all my drawing with that one. It just feels so pointless, continual roadblocks to this hobby I wish I could put a lot of time into. I think I will have to stop for a while. Sorry for the negativity, I'm just really upset that these physical issues are taking the pursuit of art away from me but I can't afford to hurt myself.

    Yes, I was using a normal pencil "tripod" grip. Maybe I could try using larger paper (I have an A4 sketchbook now). I don't understand how use an overhand grip, examples ( show the pointer finger pushing down and that's just something I can't do.

    I'd really love to continue drawing but I don't know how I can do it sustainably. Dealing with RSI is unfortunately putting a damper on the excitement I had to get back into drawing in a big way.


    Hi Pochik,

    Thank you for the kind words! I've unfortunately found similar issues in the pointer and middle fingers of my left hand too once I tried going full steam ahead with drawing. Feels like I can't win! I think I will need to take a break for now, unfortunately. The mind is very willing, but I think I will hurt myself if I try to continue. Perhaps I will try again later. Thanks so much for the kind words. :)


    Ugh that really sucks. I’m sorry to hear that.


    Good practice, your lines are very smooth. I like this kind of bold and unconstrained feeling.;)

    But I suggest that you should know something about anatomy, which can help you get a better proportion of the human body.


    Hey! Sorry about your RSI...

    I was mistaken when I suggested the overhand grip, so if and when you are ready to get back into it, the "drumstick grip" might do the trick.

    Using this, your fingers should not really move, since you use your elbow and shoulder to draw this way. To get used to this, you have to use something like 18 x 24 inch paper on an easel or a drawing board resting on your knees, since it requires your paper to be more at a vertical angle.

    Have a good recovery!


    So sorry to hear you're having more problems Birdie! But good for you for making sure your health comes first. We'll still be here when your body does feel ready to cooperate. :)

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