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    this one started as a 10 min pose study but got into volume and color


    A gorgeous study! What tools do you use to make these?


    Drawing from imagination is in fact drawing from memory - and that means that you need to improve both your memory skills and your human figure skills.

    If your goal is to draw without use of a reference then I would reccomend that you split each of your sketch times in class mode in half.

    For the 30 seconds just warm up

    For the 1 minute, draw looking at the reference for 30 seconds.

    Then for 30 seconds, turn the page ,start a new sheet, whatever medium you are using.

    Draw from memory

    2 minutes, draw for 1 minute looking and draw for 1 minute not looking.

    When you get to 30 minutes

    15 minutes looking.

    15 minutes from memory and then compare to the original image.

    By looking and drawing you are setting in muscle memory and taking in details.

    Then you are remembering what you saw.

    Not using a reference photo means you have to remember all the shapes and forms of the human figure and tha tmeans you need to improve your memory skills.


    Thanks a lot Kim :) This was done in Photoshop, I use the lasso tool to get a sharp edge, and the brush has a bit of texture and a low flow to better mix with each stroke.

    Hi HornetOfJustice, your advice makes so much sense that I feel a bit of shame for not thinking of doing so myself, many thanks.

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    the top reddish ones are with reference the bottom Blue are without.

    I drew them as HornetOfJustice suggested, didn't go all the way to 30 min, but it feels like a good practice, Cheers.

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    short 1-2 min session, on paper this time.


    2 min session

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