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    these are about 15 minutes each

    Sorry idk how to insert a picture directly on here ;; I'm trying to get my proportions right and add more motion? I still think my drawings are quite stiff haha :,)

    Get more practice photos

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    Wow! I wish I did such a good job at sketching, lol. I just tried it for around the same time limit and mine suck :(. Anyways, maybe try focusing on the hands? I'm not that great of an artist myself (heck, I need to work on hands to), hope that helps and keep up the very good work!



    I like how you are connecting the rhythms of the torso to the limbs.

    To get more motion maybe consider gravity and weight distribution (if you have studied them).

    Good luck!


    Thank you so much for your help : D I'll def practice more hands and learn about weight distribution


    Hello, good job!
    You can improve your poses with more gestures, exaggerating the pose!
    You can do it!!


    You have excellent proportions through the entire body, and I see a great deal of confidence in your lines, your shapes and your style. You have good control over your over all image.

    Where you will want to focus on in regards to your proportions is the head - some of the heads are a touch small. Not enough to make the image look bad - they are just a touch small in some of the images.

    Regarding the stiffness there are two things that you can do to address this.

    Nes_Paper is correct in their assessment - make sure you are spending time on the gestures do the 30 second poses I strongly reccomend using class mode on a regular basis.

    I also read a certain level of discomfort with drawing the physical male form .
    Torsos and limbs are all well executed, you also draw them without genitalia. And I don't know if this is to avoid nudity rules or if you are not comfortable with including that portion of the anatomy. Are you equally uncomfortable with bodies that are assigned female at birth?

    I attend life drawing on a weekly basis and the majority of the models are cis women and when the first cis man came to pose I was wildly out of my comfort zone. It took about 5 or 6 sessions with a cis male model to get more comfortable with drawing the penis in my life drawing.

    I don't know that you should open up about your comfort levels here as that may put you in a vulnerable position. I do know that the emotions we bring to the page show through in our art. And if we are uncomfortable or feeling restrained or stiff when we are drawing that can come through. So if the naked body of someone who looks like a man makes you uncomfortable - try doing clothed models and really focusing not on the form or the proportion but loosening up and getting a more dynamic pose and feel to the image.

    The other thing that I do is this

    Human figure is my absolute favorite subject to draw.
    I also rotate my studies using this site.
    I do Hands and Feet, Figures, Portraits, Animals, and then hands and feet. I rotate through them, doing a 10 minute sketch every day and a 60 minute study at least once a week.

    I have found that hands and feet are good practice because they are all proportion and foreshortening and if you can master that, you can do the human figure.

    I also find that drawing animals clears the air - it makes me come at things in a new way and I come back to human figures with a fresher perspective.

    I hope this helps.

    Your work is good and you should be proud of what you are doing. All of the above is in an effort to help you acheive your goals.


    These are quite nice, but i'd have to say the relationships from one for to another could use some work,along with stronger shape and proportion. I'm sure you know art is a language, so when you draw look for the story you want to tell and let that be the guide to your decision making. And lastly try some quick 1 minute gestures letting your line be free,don't pick up the pencil and rely on the sensations and impluses you recieve,this should help you free up your line work. Best wishes.


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