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    Hi all! I have discovered this site a few days ago and I'm very excited to try a session for "speed" sketching and improve my eye/hand connection. I love drawing from... always! And I think that this site is a wonderful place to stop whatever activity or stress-thinking, keep the world out and concentrate only on paper and pencil. Thanks Kim for this! (and sorry if my english is far from perfect)

    This is my first 30" session in class mode (...and I will do new sessions every day)

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    Another session. 2 minutes each pose...


    2 minutes each, again.


    2 minutes for pose


    2 minutes, again


    Hi Raumplan,
    I am a beginner and your drawing boards are an encouragement to me. I see that you know how to use anatomical constructions.


    Thank you Syl! Don't stop practice and have fun with your drawings!

    These are 2 minutes facial expression exercises...
    (for the next sessions I think to switch to 5 minutes each pose; two minutes are too short for me, too much stressing. I think 5 minutes is a more comfortable timing, for make little adjustments and "lighting finishing touches")


    Welcome raumplan!

    Your sketches look fantastic, what sort of history do you have with art? Is there anything specific you're looking to improve?


    Very good dynamics in your tracks. Your sketches clearly show everyone's expression. On what format do you draw?


    I'm an architect and a designer. But i love drawing and painting. I'm an illustrator too and sometimes I make poster for events or for clients. I love painting caricatures too! And when I have the time, I do it for friends and colleagues...

    Like these



    There's no doubt that you have a great understanding of form and drawing. I do not have the experience or practice that you've put in to the art.

    The one thing you could improve would probably be the understanding of anatomy, specifically with muscle structure. I understand that these were done in very short time, but there are a few drawings that show less perfection.

    The feeling I'm getting is that - when you see the thigh, you draw the shape it creates, without fully giving the different muscle groups credit. The product is something that's shaped like a thigh, but a little less convincing than the real one.

    I can see this happen with the back as well, and certainly the faces.

    I think you've mastered drawing what's on the surface. Learning what's inside (anatomy) and learning the shorthands for them, I believe, will send you to the next level.

    Thanks so much for sharing your work with us.


    Hello blackasmidnight! Thanks for your comments. I agree with you that anatomical knowledge never stop... But I have a small question for you: have you ever tried to make a session with 2 minutes each pose? Because, if you will do it, you will have the real sense of... "no time"! In two minutes there is no time for nothing! No time for volumes, for muscle shadings, corrections (I don't use the eraser during the session), no time for uncertainty (it's a big success if you take the right proportions and perspectives, when the body, arms and legs are in particolar positions). In fact, as I was wrote in my last post, next sessions I take 5 minutes for pose minimum, to take the right time for analyzing anatomy! ;)


    Your text to link here...

    Tris is 15 hours of digital painting caricatures of my holiday friends!
    I make it with my Cintiq 24HD Touch, New MacPro and Sketchbook Pro 6 / Photoshop CC 2014.
    Speed video condensed in 6 minutes.


    Tris is a video of 15 hours of digital painting caricatures of my holiday friends!
    I make it with my Cintiq 24HD Touch, New MacPro and Sketchbook Pro 6 / Photoshop CC 2014.
    Speed video condensed in 6 minutes.

    Your text to link here...

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