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    Hi everyone!
    This was my first time doing a whole 30-minute class, after I had been scrowing trough this site for awhile. I just went for it, but I was not really sure what exactly to do in the 30-sec timing... And I kind of rushed the 10 (and 5) minute ones. I'd been looking at the pictures for a bit too long.

    I will be very thankful for any piece of advice. I know that there are some amazing people here.

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    Hey congrats on your first 30 minute session! The human figure is one of the hardest things to draw in art. It's a good first attempt. I really like the 5 minute page on the right page. It shows a nice line of action. A couple of pointers. The idea behind the 30 second pics are that you should capture the gesture of the pose. You should try to capture the whole figure even if it's rough (It takes a bit of practice when you first start) Like I see you have the rib cage and pelvis in your 30 seconds. If that's taking up too much time, leave that out, and just capture the head, the line of action thru the neck, torso, and the arms and legs. As you gain more experience and speed, you can add other things but above all else, you should try capturing the whole figure in any time limit you have. Another thing I would say is perhaps not for the 30 or 1 minute one, but try to use the entire page to do your drawings (Use printer paper if you don't want to use up your sketchbook, this is practice.) You'll have more room to work out issues of contruction and learning how you are going to compose your subject matter on a page of certain size is very important. Anyways, keep practicing every day, this is a very good first go, and you should keep it, so you can see your progress in 6 months :)

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    Hi NatiS,

    Welcome to the site! The first thing I notice is that you are drawing really really small. Don't be afraid to take up more space- cheap printer paper will do fine when doing quick drawings and will make you less precious about your drawings. There's lot's of potential here, your proportions look pretty good in some of the longer drawings.

    What I think could help you improve the quickest would be to focus on lots of quick poses and really trying to capture the whole body- it's hard at first but you'll get better over time! Identifying the line of action is a great start but ultimatley you want to be able to tell what the pose was when looking back at your gesture. Alex Woo does excellent gestures if you want to see the kind of approach I mean. The other main tip I'd give you would to be to draw shorter poses in pen- it'll help your line quality get more confident and economical over time, and make your drawings more communicative.

    Great start and keep going!

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