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    I had just done my first ever attempt at a LoA class :) Any and all critique is welcome! Started with animals since it's somewhat in my comfort zone.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Looks great! I can Identify all the animal here! keep it up!!

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    These are so cute! You're already quite good at managing your time for the different time intervals. I find that LoA is most useful for practicing things that are outside my comfort zone, since the timed aspect keeps me going past when I would get discouraged on my own. It's also really good for building a regular drawing habit.


    this is super inspiring, thanks for sharing! im going to start my first soon too.


    Good construction of the basic shapes and sense of perspective. From here I would try to emphasize a bit more the gesture at the beginning of the sketch. Great work though :D



    Nice Doodles and Sketches of your animals, but in order to be more than really fluid with your animals, why don't you try drawing one in 10 minutes, if you please?

    Have a great evening.



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