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    Hiya :D
    Okay, so I draw in mixed mediums. And here's a few examples of my traditional and digital drawings, I use an app for doing the digital ones on my iPad2 (I'm do use Photoshop but I'm not awesume at it yet). And I'm guessing I'm not going to get alot of love for my digital work. So here it goes:

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    Hi there! Welcome to the site. :) Do you have a particular practice goal in mind at the moment?


    well I would like to get better at the figure in general. but also the faces. whenever I try to do either from my imagination they don't turn out half as good as when i draw from life. So you could say my ultimate goal is to get as good as my real life drawing without having to use life drawing if that makes sense? other goals are better myself at shading and lighting.

    Thanks for the reply



    1st off, nothing beats drawing from life and or using reference. You can get a likeness from memory, but it won't look realistic. You need either a live model or a good photo to capture all the nuances in figure and or portrait.

    To get better at anatomy you need to know the basic guide lines/rules and practice.

    For instance, in the face eyes are 1 eye length apart. Noses are generally 1 1/2 eye lengths. The nostrils align with the tear ducts. People with big nostril flares go a little wider, the jaw begins to curve just below the lip line(between upper and lower lip). These are some basic measurements.

    In the figure, Shoulders are 2 1/2 heads wide. A male's waist falls around 3 head heights, a woman's is 2 1/2 head heights. The bend in the arm aligns with the bottom of the rib cage, hands fall mid thigh. There's more, I just don't have the time.

    Hope this helps


    Cheers for that. I do know of the head measurement but ive not actually put them into effect before. i'll have to get on it. Thanks again :D



    Life drawings are very important to grow, but, you need to learn the way the human figure works. Get a book about anatomy. See how the muscles work. Where they are. What volumes they take on.

    Structure and how to build the human figure is also important.

    Learn about action lines. These are very important when drawing from life.

    Draw alot. And I do mean, draw alot! The old saying, practise makes perfect, still stands.

    Make master studies. Learn the tricks from the the likes of Leonardo da Vinci.
    But most important, have fun while learning. The good news is, you will never stop learning!


    hiya, thanks for your feed back,#and doing some master studies sounds like a great idea. I do spend alot of time studying the muscles but doing master studies like Da Vinci sounds like great fun. I will as you said get a few books to ad to my collection on anatomy.
    Thanks again for your input :D


    hey harkensaw
    nice to see your posts and i like that you're working on gesture
    once I've seen the first sketches i said that you can improve faster than what you think man
    all what i need to tell you is just keep practicing.
    i followed this method and it worked for me so much.
    its jhon clapp theory and i respect it.
    feel free to ask more about Technics and resources .


    glad you like the posts. I do update my DevientArt account allot as well.
    that was a great link, and you have some very lucky students to get that advice passed onto them. it was very useful and i intend to make action upon some of my blind spots you covered in it.
    I keep my sketchbook and pencils in my bag always, but im just tryin to build up the courage to do it. which sounds weak but i think im just concious people staring at me or coming over and having a go. which is why i tend to work from photos i take.
    thanks again for the info and the feed back


    it's my pleasure man.
    just keep practicing. we all still learning.


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