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    Hi guys!

    I recently started drawing with this website and I strive to do 10-20 drawings every day. I'd love to get some feedback and advice on what to work on.



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    Hey BaukePost! You seem to be focusing on the outline of the figure a lot. To grow artists we need to understand the volumes of what we draw in order to give a stronger sense of space There are a lot of videos on constructive drawing on youtube, proko has helped me a lot in my drawing and recommend his lessons. Also I don't think you have to add images to imgur, you can just add images in your post. I hope I helped with my super general critique!

    "To grow artists" haha wow I am tripping out here I'm not talking about keeping a garden of growing artists! I hope that is clear :D

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    Hello Bauke!

    10-20 drawings every day is a very ambitious goal. :) Is there any particular reason you went with this, and how much experience do you have with drawing already? Do you have a specific thing you want to improve first?

    I concur with Line that I'd love to see some of the underlying construction. The outline is not a bad thing, but it can be hard to understand how the joints connect and bend if you're not focused on those things. The gesture on the bottom left for example has a nice action line for the spine, but the left am doesn't have an obvious elbow joint and feels more like a noodle than an arm with motion. It would help your gestures a lot to use joint points, it allows you to do effective foreshortening and judge and create proportions better. Our article on joints might be helpful to you:

    Gesture basics #3: Joints

    You're absolutely on the right track and I'm eager to see your progress as you go along!

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    Thanks for your kind reactions :).

    I'm mostly focussing on gesture at the moment, because I feel like I could still improve a lot in that area before I move on to adding volumes. I'm actually looking at Proko's videos already, they are indeed excellent.

    I have a little bit of drawing experience; I've drawn a lot of portraits and I also studied some perspective with freehand box drawing, but I'm in no way an experienced drawer. The reason I started gesture drawing is that I do digital sculpting and I think this will help me understand the figure and hopefully I'll also be able to make some simple character designs in the future. I'll check out the article and I'll also start with construction and volumes soon!

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