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    Hello! I've been doing the 30 minute class every day for 15 days now and I want to know what you guys think of my progress so far and what I could improve.

    I've been doing the 30 minute class so each image has 10 30sec drawings, 5 1min drawings, 2 5min drawings and 1 10min drawing. You can probably guess which drawings are which.

    Here are my drawings:

    So please tell me what to improve!

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    I find it really helpful to mark up the different drawing groups with the one drawing I think is best. It maybe doesn't matter much for the 5 and 10 minute drawings, but it matters a lot for the short poses.

    From your first session, it looks like you're focusing on long lines and exaggerated gesture. Around session 5 it looks like you got bored with long lines and exaggerated gesture and you started shifting to a more constructive form approach. Looks like you largely stuck with constructive form through the rest of the series. This isn't a right thing or a wrong thing, but swapping methods around randomly doesn't help if you're not looking back at what you did right.

    All throughout your sessions, your 5 minute poses stay pretty minimally detailed, fairly close to the 1m poses really and the 10 minute poses are quite elaborate. And all throughout the 30s and 1m poses stay pretty consistent in the detail you have. This says to me you aren't pushing yourself very hard in the short poses and you are wasting a lot of time on the 5 minute poses. There should be more changes from session 1 to session 15 in your short poses.

    Also, I always think I can remember what time was for what drawing, but a year on? Who knows? Not me! So the more classes I do the more careful I get about taking notes and labeling what I did and marking up my work.

    Overall it feels like you are very uncomfortable with unfinished drawings. That's a natural thing to be uncomfortable with. I'd suggest carefully working through to try a bunch of methods you will probably hate. Try your hardest to do a full class sticking with just one method, even on the pose lengths where it feels horrible and unnatural. The slower and more measured methods will feel evil on the short poses, things like a contour line drawing will feel like torture on a 10m pose. But all of the methods will have bits that feel useful after class, and you'll have more variety in your results and what works. If you can work your way through even one or two alternate methods, you should have a lot of ideas about what you should do next and places you can challenge yourself to do better.

    Another option if you find the different work methods too horrible for words is try working through Alphonso Dunn's 7 Ls of Gesture drawing

    Again, focus on one class per idea, see what you get out of it and what you like. The parts you like are important, they give you something to work towards.

    For either set, the goal is not keep torturing yourself with the stuff that isn't fun or that you hate doing. It's to try new things and if you find something particularly fun... you should do more of that one. See what you learn trying to push that idea through a full 10 minute pose. What questions do you ask yourself? What does that method make easy? The more ideas you try that sound terrible, the easier it is to tell which terrible ideas are ones you should grab with both hands and really work at.

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    Thanks for your feedback! I just did a drawing session and tried a more scribbly approach. I'll look more into the different methods of drawing and I'll try to have fun with them :)

    And it's a good idea to mark up my drawings with notes about the time, but also what I liked about the drawings so I can use it for the next sessions.

    I'm also trying to learn from Proko's figure drawing course and he has a lot of clean lines so I tried to do that method here. It's really hard though and I like being more sketchy usually.

    Anyways I'll keep practicing!


    These are really good :). The only thing I see is that sometimes the direction of gesture that I'm getting from the contour seems a bit off, but that's an issue that I have too and will hopefully outgrow with practice. Great job!


    Nice work on your 30 minute classes, Kyr-kun-chan. Great job! But I've got one smallest request: Why don't you do your first ever 10 minute drawing on your figure studies, pretty please? Why?? Because, your rendering of the human figure will be the least stiff, and most solid, fluid, and lively. Won't you find it beneficial?

    Polyvios Animations


    You are much better than I expected. Superior movement and line quality. Also ver confident at mark making. oh are these digital? you're doing everything right. keep it up. also i would like to see some of your finished pieces.


    Hi, thanks again for all the comments! Yeah they're all digital. Flintallred said they wanna see my finished pieces so if you're interested in my art outside of figure drawing go to my deviantart:


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