my latest lesson came out pretty terribly.

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    I am not sugar coating it. this 30 minutes lesson came out the worse. I had a method to simplify the body as some sort of logo but after that 2 hour session my head refuses to do that so it came out the way it did. for the last 3 i had 15 minutes each btw.

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    You know, Idon'tknow, I think that your simplifications of your figures are, if you're doing more bad drawings than you're used to, then you're getting on the right track, but I feel that the forms are almost getting to be just there. Therefore, the organic shapes, spaces, lines, and forms are still not getting enough of the really tight but solid solidity of them. So would you like to please just go ahead with your very first 3 hour class mode?

    As a result, your understanding of human gestures and human figure anatomy can become truly controlled and understood so in order to better render imagined poses. Then loosen up with your next 10 minute pose. Because, your poses in anatomy and forces can and must become less stiff and more fluid, and truly lively.

    My hat's off to you.


    3 hour class looks like suicide to me. i got to my first 2 hour session and it took me days to recover. and it all honesty i don't get what it will teach me


    I wouldn't force it either. It's occassionally interesting to check where your borders currently are, as they can move quite a bit over time, but if something straight out feels like wasted time, then it probably is, at least for now. To produce satisfying art you need to find a satisfying production rhythm. From your dedication to art that I have seen so far, I can almost guarantee you, once it is time to move on, your own curiosity will come knocking at your door.

    My inner mad scientist proposes a bit of an experiment though: Have you considered trying out a second drawing session at the same day (if you can make that fit your schedule off course)? Just to get some data about, once you knocked yourself out by focusing hard on drawing over a set period of time, how long it takes you to mentally recover, and what external conditions might influence your recovery time.


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