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    Hello! I was an art student for 4 years but I focused on computer art. I hated going to the life drawing classes. I always felt so stupid when I couldn't draw the figure right. It was not a healthy situation. Now, I'm successful doing computer art, but some part of me still feels like I'm faking being good at art when I can't draw the figure well.

    Thank you for taking the time to look at my drawings. I would love your thoughts on what I'm doing right and wrong.

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    Your drawings definitely show potential. One problem with them now is that they are verry scribbly, and that reflects the state your mind is in when you're drawing. You should be more purposeful with your lines. This video might help:

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Looks like your figures are coming along great!
I have a similar story to you, took a life drawing class in college, sucked, and then actually started using this site to practice on my own to build confidence.

Now I'm a web designer by trade but am working to up my art game so I can one day focus on blending the two worlds together.

Keep at it and continue to share your progress!


Hi Jonnydark!

That sounds like a very frustrating time for you. Are you feeling any better about your life drawings at this point, or does it still bother you a lot? I think a lot of artists feel like they're 'faking it' when they've built a negative relationship with their progress, so I think it's a good thing to focus on understanding that you can't improve if you don't "suck" first (aka you need to make mistakes before you can really learn).

Your figures all look really good so far, with a few proportional problems that will work themselves out if you practice diligently.

One thing that stands out to me is the scribbliness of your sketches. (Yes, that's a very technical term! ;)) Have you considered trying to work with longer strokes that capture motion in a figure more quickly, rather than doing short and jagged lines?

You might want to check out another member's thread, Swen has a lot of practice under their belt and focuses primarily on capturing motion the way I described:

I feel that your figures would benefit immensely from having this as a foundation. Your current figures look pretty good anatomy wise, but I don't get the sense there is a lot of understanding of motion and motion range in them. They feel a bit on the stiff side because of that.


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