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    well, i started to learn here from january 2017 and started to draw seriously from july 2016, a draw from february 2017 was this:

    and this is one from june 2018:

    what do you think? i am learning to draw because i want to make frame by frame animations and 2d animatics, this month i am making my first piece of 2d animation frame by frame (i have been a 3d animator
    i dont upload full body draws, but i practice a lot that, ¿how do you guys learn where exactly the muscles are? ¿or you develop an intiutive way to draw the muscles? i am learning it drawing shapes of the muscles and start detail after, but i feel i never guess where are the small muscles, what is your way of learning it? well thats it, thanks a lot

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    Hey Leon nice animations and progress on your drawing skills!👍 That being said, there’s no real secret to learning anatomy, there are lots of 3d apps available on the apple store for free 3d human something something. I also took Rey Bustos course on, he is real thorough and a good teacher. When it comes to memorization I usually focus on the functions of the muscles and where they attach and when it comes to simplifying I draw over old croquis drawings or reference in photoshop with the 3d human app for reference. But like I almost always add as sort of a disclaimer, I’m only a dabbler in art for the moment so there might be better ways of getting it down.


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