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    I have been using this incredile website for like more than half a year, to help me draw better and comprehend the human anatomy. I've been doing some sketches of feet and the whole human figure, and I need feedback because some figures look stiff and i don't know what i'm doing wrong... I know about the line of action and how the hips and torso make a figure not stiff. Thank you, I'm looking forward to your feedback :)

    Feet sketches & Gesture drawings in:

    Please support Line of Action

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    Hello everyone,

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    I recognize that emotional labor went into these responses, so I'd like to give everyone a chance to save the posts or translate them into English so they don't get lost. Posts not edited to be in English by August 13 2018 will be deleted.

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    Sorry, didn't know that. I cannot edit my reply so here it is translated:

    Your sketches are pretty good, but in many poses it seems that the bodies do not lean properly, it feels as if they were floating. I think this may be because you use many curved lines to define the figure. For example, in the 30 minute drawing the joints look very rounded and maybe that's what takes away some "strength". You could use more straight lines in the parts of the body where there is tension, and if you have many doubts see an anatomy book about the joints and muscles. It can also be a problem of the gesture on which you build the figure, but I think that whatever the inconvenience would help you take more into account where the weight of the body is downloaded in each pose :)

    I would also advise you to check the proportions a little (in general you are fine, but in some drawings you notice smaller or longer parts that are not coherent with the deformation of the figure).

    Regarding the feet, I recommend paying more attention to the form than to the details (and this is good to apply to anything you draw). You could take more time to draw them trying to discover relationships, for example: how many times does the thumb enter the length of the foot, how much does the heel protrude in profile, how big is the foot with respect to the leg, or how many feet enter a leg, etc. . Maybe you discover some interesting relationship and when you remember it when you draw it will be easier to solve the image you are studying :)
    Well, for now I can not think of any advice to give you, so I hope I have been helpful and that you really speak Spanish (xD). Anyway, if I was wrong, I will write the comment in English later.

    Regards! :)


    Oh sorry! I totally forgot about that rule!
    Thaks for the feedback! I really didn't take into a count how the weight of the body works.


    well, i started to learn here from january 2017 and started to draw seriously from july 2016, the draw # 4 of your feets are a difficult thing to achieve like that, thats a very good perspective.
    you do stick figure drawings, are you an animator?

    keep going, and sorry i edited this post


    Thank you so much everyone!! I appreciate your help immensely. :)

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