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    hello, I have been drawing for 10 years now, but only recently started to develop my sketches.

    I would like to hear criticism, as truthful as possible. my goal is to study anatomy as deeply as possible, but I think I'm still bad at this. I feel like I'm just drawing lines and not seeing all the details.

    please rate my 10 minute sketches. thanks in advance for your reply!

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    Unfortunally i can't see the images, i need to request acces, i will but rigth now i cant see


    Sorry, didn't pay attention.

    I opened access, I hope now the link works if not, then I will attach a new one


    I know you asked for criticism, but personally, all I can say is how amazing the hands and feet ones look. Also, it seems like your sketches are a bit stylized, and that's pretty cool :) Overall, I don't believe that you're bad at it at all, and you are doing a good job


    Yeah, now i can see them.

    I like the sketches so far, you do something you mentioned in my pieces you commented the other day, some of them have shadows and have a good sense of volume, even if they're only lines. I think you could aim for a more anathomical aproach since you sugest muscles, but don't forget what you got here, new knowledge should grow what you do not change or broke it.

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    thank you very much:)

    you gave me more confidence


    thank you very much for the answer!

    I will try to study in more detail anatomy


    Your hands are great! Proportions look solid. Every line is neat and tidy, just the way I like to draw. The weakest part of your work is your face. I recommend spending more time with a skull to learn proportions, also pay attention to your guide lines you use for the eyes. As the move back into space they will always shrink even if it’s only a little bit. Good work, you are on your way

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    Hey! thanks for the compliment!

    I will try to pay more attention to the structure of the skull in my sketches, since I went deeper into the figure, I completely forgot about the head


    I can't say much without a reference photo to compare with, but your proportions look pretty good! sometimes your arms look slightly too thin for the torso, but that's about it for the upper half. Legs and hips look good as well, I think those are the best parts of your drawings. I think the faces need a little bit of work but since these are figure drawings it doesn't really matter. Without a reference picture to go with the hands and feet I can't speculate too much, but I think some of the toes on the feet are slightly too short. The hands are amazing though!


    Thanks for the answer!

    I enjoy your words. I will take into account your observations in the drawings, thanks!

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