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    Need critiques on my 2min gestures

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    Think before making a stroke. Take your time thinking. And drawing. Be "slow" but decisive.

    It seems to me that you spend your 2mins trying to capture "everything" in the image which isn't the purpose of gesture drawing. Maybe it's just because you have a long time limit that you finish the gesture early and would then proceed to do the details, which isn't advisable. Having a long time limit doesn't necessarily mean you need to spend it all by drawing (making marks) in your page. In gesture drawing, longer time limit = longer time observing and analyzing the subject. Observing is always a part of "drawing".

    Take a long look at the subject. Imagine the line you have to draw while looking at the subject and know what it would represent (for ex. the backbone), and then draw it in your canvas CONFIDENTLY then proceed to the next part of the gesture. Use a single stroke for multiple parts of the gesture if possible. This could be the whole arm or leg or the side of the torso+the hips. This is to keep the flow, the movement of the drawing.

    Be decisive in your lines and avoid drawing them/over them again. If you dont like your line, erase all of that line and try drawing it again but it's better to just leave it be to serve as a lesson and move on to the next portion of the gesture. You need to commit to each stroke you make so don't be afraid to take your time making the stroke, you have 2mins after all. Spend your 2mins capturing the motion and not the curves/features of the human body.

    Remember, be "slow" and decisive.^^

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    I followed some of the critiques given to me last time, Did I improve and what do I need to work on?




    Hello there and good afternoon, Nazu Naart, and welcome back to our website. I'm Polyvios, Polyvios Animations and how are you? I just have to say that I love how much gesture, cartooniness and weight in the poses. Great job on all of those things so far, so far, so great. But, I'm not getting enough of the exaggerated poses and not enough of the exaggerated gestures. Would you love to work for loosest and liveliness in the cartoon drawing with 1 hour of 1 minute (60 second) attitudes?

    The reason why you could and should do this exercise of 1 minute (60 second) drawings is because, you would and could go for less stiffest forms and spaces, and the most dynamic, vital and most energetic poses, hands, feet, and faces and expressions. For furthest details, be sure to look up this link. It can help and inspire you on your quick sketching exercises and practices.

    Hope this has helped you out the best!!

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