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    Hello everyone, i started my journey of gesture by getting Glenn Vilppu´s book and Michael Hampton aswell.

    I used Vilppu´s book for a bit and i only retained the way he explained how to make the head and also te pinch and strech of the fat on the body, now i started to realize that my gesture seem more like a contour drawing, some are stiff and lack proportion and the sense of construction is off, i wanted to know if it´s a good idea to use both books at the same time or if it should be better to focus on only one and try to almost copy the way they do the gesture ? Thank you and happy training =)

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    So I don't know much on Glenn Vilppu's technique so I look it up online. This video on Youtube by Proko may be helpful on his technique as it is Glenn Vilppu himself drawing. What I see different is he does stronger and repeated curves or smaller, especially when he's working with pen.

    On study reccomendations, learn his first, then try it on your own then learn the other's then try his on your own. Then analyze what you like of each and don't like and see what parts to use for your own gestures. I mainly know Michael Hampton for his more advance yet simplified and useful anatomy. Most of his I know are useful for fleshing out your gestures. I think he has done content for ImagineFX magnazine. So even if you really like Glenn Vilppu's gestures, you can develop them further with Michael's.

    If you are struggling to learn Glen Vilppu's then try the Michael's. But I would give them some serious time first. I highly recommend to begin with longer drawings to get familiar with the technique. Then slowly pick shorter and shorter times till you're actually working on 1 min and 30sec drawings.


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