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    I came back after i got really busy with drawing boxes in perspective, where i learned what perspective is and becoming better at understanding it, i still do not understanding how force drawing works, here i cannot understand how to improve or to correct what i do wrong. A lot of other artists came here telling me something on how to improve my technique but to me they had no sense at all. No, please do not ask me to buy more books, I have too many of them and are not helping me at all.

    this is my latest attempt and that is my very first attempt. it's true they look less rigid now, yet i like one of them more than the latest ones i am doing right now.

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    You know, Idon'tknow, fine, if you don't want us to tell you to by more books. But, judging from your latest branch of progress, I think you may be getting a lot better in terms of drawing the most force in terms of your figures, basically. You see, as Warner Bros. Cartoon Director Chuck Jones put it:

    We all have 10,000 bad drawings in us. The sooner we get them out, the best.

    Basically, by going for the most repetition, you can, you shall, and you will improve most sharply with time. So, if you don't believe us, please look into the PewdiePie drawing progress videos and see them for yourself. So, kindly keep up the strongest progress.


    I honestly do not understand how he became that better in just 30 minutes a day... i get that he is a man of spectacle so perhaps he might have taken some creative liberties in his recordings in order to make the public feel more entertained, but even if it is damn... he is too much out of my league so that totally doesn't sound like "if he succeeds, anyone can". I am done with that thing of being inspired by others, that ended up giving me extreme anxiety for not improving at their rate, comparing myself to them is like comparing apples to oranges, so I ended up doing it for myslelf.


    It's OK, Idon'tknow. Don't get discouraged if you don't see instant improvements. All you need to do is just be patient and practice everything every day. Is that too much to ask??


    the thing about pewdiepie's art progress videos is that he has a number of factors that made it easier for him to succeed. pewdiepie is rich and has plenty of free time, so he can focus on drawing for 30 minutes a day while someone who needs to work for a living might be tired. most of his artwork is headshots of young looking women in an anime style, and most of his work is copied from other people. He does not focus on drawing the full body, or understanding anatomy, or drawing a wide variety of subject matter, or improving his line quality. he's still made a pretty impressive amount of improvement, but it's in a very limited area.

    gesture drawing and learning anatomy requires a number of different skills- you need to learn to understand the human form, to simplify complex human anatomy into lines, to draw long gestural lines, the list goes on and on. it's challenging!

    pewdiepie was only drawing headshots based off of other people's stylized artwork. he didn't need to understand the human form, he was only drawing the head. he didn't need to simplify anything because the art he was drawing from was already stylized. he didn't focus on drawing long lines or improving his line quality- a lot of his lines have a chicken scratchy quality to them. it's still challenging, especially when you're starting from having never drawn before, but it's not at the same level as what you're attempting to do.

    it's also a lot harder to gauge what you need to improve on when you're gesture drawing or learning anatomy. the human body is complex, and there's a million different ways to go about drawing the human body depending on what you want to accomplish. pewdiepie was only copying other artwork- he could look at his work, look at his source image, and immediately know "oh, i need to make the eyes bigger" or "oh, i put the nose in the wrong spot". it's not as easy to see your mistakes when you're drawing from life.

    the important thing to take away from these videos is that it is always possible to become an artist and improve your artwork, no matter where you come from. your progress will not look like pewdiepie's because he is studying and trying to improve at different skills, and using a different method than you.

    progress is not linear, there will always be days where you draw better or worse based on any number of factors in your life. your gesture drawings should ideally be exercises and warm ups, and not a full representation of your skill as an artist. when i get discouraged or feel frustrated i like to go back in my sketchbooks and redraw an illustration from a couple years ago to see how i've improved, or draw something in my comfort zone (like a character i love or a headshot). these help me to find the fun in drawing again and see how much i've improved. i hope this helps.

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    wow, thanks, you really gave me a motivation boost. You really have something all those "motivational art videos" don't have, you are honest with how much work is required to improve, it' not as easy as drawing anime faces on repeat but it is indeed a message to say that in an amount of time, there is gonna be improvement. thanks


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    Heirloomtomato, my first intention to post was to thank you for your post. Yes, yes, yes, on so many levels!


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