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    Hi! I just did a 30 minute class mode session, and I’d like some critique on these 2 drawings- first is 5 min and second is 10 min. I tried some shading on the 2nd one, not sure how well it worked out, marker is hard :P Thanks for your consideration!

    P.S.,I accidentally made a duplicate of this post but without the images, anyone know how to delete that?
    Image link

    Please support Line of Action

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    Hey Madeleine!

    I took care of your duplicate post. :) You can always edit your topics and replies and add things like image URLs when you forget! You can also use the report link to let us know you've got a duplicate post.

    For your drawings, I like the general feel of them! The legs in the 5 minute sketch feel a bit forced into a too small a canvas. Do you know about the action line? It can help focus your efforts on getting the motion and proportion down and not worry too much about fitting everything into the canvas.

    Also, what aspects of your art do you want to focus on? Do you have any goals set for yourself?


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