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    Hey there! I found your site courtousy of some peeps over at conceptart there's lots of praise for your awesome tools here.

    I recently bought myself a Wacom Bamboo Capture tablet, and I have been drawing on it for less than a week. I came here today and used your classroom 30 minute session of dog drawing. What fun it is! Though, I wish there were some more dog photos. Maybe some face shots, etc. If you need any photos, I have a very photogenic dog! ;)

    Anyway, it was really fun using your tool, and I really felt like I was in class again. I loved it.

    And random off topic-ish question.
    After drawing, ever, does your drawing hand shake? Man, this has been happening to me a lot lately. I think I hold onto my pen with a death grip or something!

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    Total death-grip  I used to get this earlier, treating my stylus like a pencil and pressed down hard  (Glad the latest versions of the Wacom come with a high degree of pressure sensitivity).
    Worry that I might develop the wacom-carpal tunnel-syndrome (or whatever).

    I try and hit that pause button after each drawing and take a break.



    Hahaha, I hope that doesn't happen! It was so weird. But, I am trying really hard not to hold on for it for dear life!

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