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    So i've done a few 30 min classes the last few days and i would like some critique on my results.
    I'm not sure where to improve so any comment or thought would be great!

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    Hey!! I love those sketchy lines you do!
    As a viewer, the quicker poses are a bit difficult for me to understand but that might be because the photo quality.

    Technically, so,e of the proportions may be slightly off— particularly the head. It is a bit big. Also, although they are beautiful, I think it’s important to fully draw the body including hands and feet before any shading takes place. But I get it, drawing hands seriously sucks.

    Anyways I think you’re doing really great so far and I can’t wait to see where you’ll go :)


    it is hard to capture in such a short time but the main thing I tried to do in short time periods like that is find motion and use a singular line to define that motion as much as possible


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