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    Hello all. I am practise digital art almost 1 years now and i would like to get some critique about it. My all digital works are here:

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    Welcome westas! I'm happy you've decided to join us. :)

    I looked at your DA gallery and I see a bunch of different things. Some are fantasy, some are more realistic. One thing a lot have in common is often a very stiff pose.

    Have you used the tools on this site to practice gesture drawing? It aims to help you draw characters in motion and get their proportions right. This will benefit your art in both the realistic and fantasy areas.

    Are there any particular things you're looking to improve yourself? Do you struggle with anything?


    Thank you for answer. :) I using this site practise tools, they are awsome!

    For now I am trying to improve my figure drawing because its realy bad... And I struggleing most with face and hand drawing..

    P.S. Sorry for my bad english..

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