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    I recently find this site, I hope you can give me some feedback, this is made on a wacom tablet.

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    1 minute session


    I think overall you're doing fairly well. You are focusing a little too much on torso and need to give the limbs more attention. So try doing a few with the limbs as the focus point and body as after thought. I think with doing several like this you'll find a balance between torso and limbs.

    You may also want to give each drawing more space. Crowding creates problems with the drawing unless you draw a shape plan for each drawing to fit in. My art teacher would tell us to give each it's own page if needed or half a page. Give it room to breath.


    Image viewable (images used are senshistock)

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    Another 1 min


    I think you did a good job on these. Your lines are nice, and your proportions are well done. Solid job, thanks for posting.

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    Nice job, NicoNogue. How did it take for you to sketch in those studies?


    Use less lines. Try to be deliberate with your lines. Instead of drawing three lines to describe the curve of the figure's waist try to focus on doing it only one stroke.

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    Nice job! Seems someone else touched on this but I would try to pare down on your lines and make your marks a little more purposeful. You do have a nice looseness coming out in some of these, but the more you can rid that uncertainty in your markmaking the better. :)


    I don't know how fewer lines will make me improve the capture of the gesture but I guess I have no other options


    I don't know how fewer lines will make me improve the capture of the gesture but I guess I have no other options

    There's no right or wrong way to study figures as long as you're making progress and meeting your goals!

    I think what the other posters are trying to say is that confident lines make for a good foundation in gesture drawing. Using multiple lines to draw, for example, the waist can hamper the ability for a gesture to look confident and fluid/in motion within its foundation. If the foundation is off, then the drawing that results from it will also likely (but not necessarily) look off.

    The reason why is that your gestures focus on adding details, when what you're trying to capture is the underlying basics to build upon. A 1 minute gesture doesn't have to include the skin folds where the ribcage and hips come together, that fold detail doesn't really do anything to capture the underlying curve that motion and fluidity rely on. In the bottom right gesture in this drawing, you have 1 line that depicts the curve of the front of the torso all the way down the front of the leg, which makes her feel very dynamic and is the basis for the gesture. On the second row, third gesture, the figure feels less dynamic. You used multiple short strokes to draw the ribcage, middle of the waist, and then the hip. Compared to that single, confident stroke in the bottom right gesture that captures much of the pose in one line, the other gesture feels stiff and less demanding a flow for the eye to follow. Does this make sense?

    Some people like to challenge themselves by doing a 10 minute gesture, and trying to draw it with 10 lines or less. This way they're forcing themselves to study the figure, and make more informed decisions on where the lines should go to best represent the entire figure. Their goal is not to get the entire figure down to the very detail, but to lay down the few lines that create the essence of the figure.

    You don't have to do anything you don't want, but I've personally found it refreshing to change how I approach figure studies by reducing the amount of strokes I put down on the drawing.


    I mean, how long did it take for you to sketch those studies?

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