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    I've been drawing cartoons for a few years but before now I've never really gone into the basics. I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to figure drawing.

    these are 30 sec ones:

    critique is appreciated, but please keep in mind that I have minimal technical knowledge and I don't know specific techniques or anything.

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    I love your 30-second poses, Dawrushesin, they are very good poses. I love how well you communicate and the action, acting, and motion of your attitudes. But, I've got one little suggestion: I love how loose your line quality and understanding is, but why don't you please do 63 minutes of 29 second bodies of figure studies? Why??? Because, it'll help your drawings become really loose, long, large, light, and really much lively, and with lines of action and rhythm.

    Not to mention the fact that you could do some 30-second studies of some Dan Haskett artwork that you can find on Google or DuckDuckGo, or whatever search engine. There is no one search engine better than the other. What else?? Because, cartoons are all about caricaturing and exaggerating the gestures, like how Dan draws his stuff, precisely, with not rough sketch. Hope you've found this completely and totally promising.


    These are great! I can see clearly that you have a good sense of shape and motion already. I think one thing that might help is practicing not lifting your pencil off the page in these warmups - you're working with a lot of smaller shorter lines, and trying to describe a shape in a single continuous line instead can really help with flow and with making the pose look more cohesive.

    Thank you for sharing!


    i will definitely try that. thank you for the advice!


    Great start! You make really light and loose lines which are great for finding natural-looking curves and straights in your figures. I also like your understanding of the arms and legs, especially in the top right drawing. I think going forward you should try some longer poses (1 or 2 minutes) to add a little more structure to your abdomen and shoulder sections. Try to find some of the natural curves and contours of the body's shape like where the weight hands or where certain bones cause different lines in poses such as the one used in the top left drawing. This is an excellent start to figure drawing and congratulations on starting this new journey!


    Hi! I'm new to figure drawing too, though I've been drawing all my life. I think your sketches look really great! You do a good job capturing the energy and motion of the poses with straight, confident lines and curves. My encouragement would be to experiment with using an entire sheet of paper per figure to practice using the whole shoulder for drawing. I've heard that drawing from the shoulder and not the wrist helps you loosen up.

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