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    I had recently read on a couple of websites that doing gesture drawings were really beneficial in helping improve one's art skills. Having only decided to start take art seriously a couple of months ago, I had tried to inform myself of the necessary fundamentals I needed to learn to reach my goal of becoming an animator.

    I tried to do some gesture drawings last night but I honestly don't know wether they're any good.I tried to capture "the flow" of the reference images and tried to make them "readable" although, I'm really unhappy with how off the proportions are and how most of them don't really look like figures.

    Hopefully I could get some tips and input on my sketches.

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    What length of time did you do these in?

    You may be trying to do too much in too short a length of time, and thus missing some of the fundamental focusing benefits of gesture drawings:

    You don't need to produce a perfect or even "readable" sketch when doing a gesture drawing. These are warmups and practice exercises, not fine art you're going to display. Pick one small goal for each little practice window, such as "capture the line of action" or "capture the angle of the head against the angle of the torso using only two lines."

    Save perfecting proportions for longer sessions, and aim to really see your reference as a whole, and record what you notice about its "flow" with a few confident strokes.


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