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    Hello Everyone I've recently started making a habit of doing daily gesture for about 30 min everyday, and I'm currently taking a figure drawing class.

    I wanted to post some of the gestures that I've done earlier, and I would like to improve and I'm very much open to critiques, a problem that I keep stumbling are my 30 seconds gestures sometimes I have trouble quickly finishing it. Probably because i'm focusing on one part of the body instead of focusing on the impulse of the whole body per se. Also I was curious if there is like a Google Hangout for this.

    Here are my gestures in this link

    Thank you for reading and critiquing

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    Welcome aboard. You're doing a good job of capturing the basic pose. You might want to try using simpler, fluid lines to represent the figure. Here's a nice example from Rokan-Rashanika.


    Welcome to the site ygetach4!

    There isn't an official Google Hangouts for the site. Would you mind telling me what the goal would be in one? I'd love to hear that and see if we can do anything to work something out.

    As for your 30 second gestures, Jason makes an excellent point! The purpose of 30 second drawings is to force you to capture the motion in simple, fluid lines rather than accurately portray a figure. We have an excellent article on this to help you understand its purpose if you're interested in reading:


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