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    I would love some critique...I am branching away from my normal style of

    trying to be what I consider to be more "artistic"

    I HATE it but everyone says its good....I would like and opinions.

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    The first piece is very well done. The style reminds me a bit of the Matryoshka doll (russian dolls) when it comes to the big eyes and small nose & lips. I think it works and it definitely has it's own style. The choice of colors works real well, but the green background could have been a bit lighter. The dark green and the brown hair blend a bit (very earth-ie tones). I also like the texture on the octopus.

    The bottom piece is painted well but the proportions are off on the figure (the head looks a bit too big & the right hip looks off, the leg just blends into where the hip should be. It could use a bit more definition). I would practice drawing some figures and look at some anatomy books/images if you are going to go for a more natural look.


    Hello, I'm just going to give your a crit on your second one, because the first one seems to be mainly in your own style while the other is more rooted in figure drawing

    I have done a draw over

    I must say your proportions (8heads) is actually pretty accurate, but there is not as much attention for the important muscle groups.
    The main trouble area's are at the crotch and the armpit, and the size of the head a little. I think alot of your problems can be solved by learning the important muscles

    I would recommend you to get a few books on the subject because it's easier to learn from the start then dive straight into drawing from reality.
    I would recommend Andrew Loomis Figure Drawing for all It's worth, and Michael Hampton's book

    good luck :)


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