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    Hey guys! I'm brand new to the site. I just tried to bust out 100 one minute poses. I got to 34 lol. I know I need to improve, and I was really hoping for some awesome feedback! Nice to meet you guys!

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    They are looking nice. I like the line set-up. Remember for gesture drawing to get the pose in as little lines as possible, so like for some of the drawings, most notably drawings 29 and 31 (if we count left to right) one line could be used for a whole side of the body. It's a test of confident line, which is why a short time frame is necessary. That said though, they look great and you show a good use of overlap to show dimension while keeping relative proportion.

    If you want to go more dynamic in your poses, use artistic license and push the poses further (i.e. tilt a head farther than the model actually does it, draw an arm more angular than depicted, etc.). It makes for more dynamic poses.

    Question: What were the times on these? 30 sec? 45?


    Thank you so much for the feedback! Each of these were a minute. I know I need to improve my readability of each pose as well as my proportions. Here are some more I did last night: 1-2 minutes. I'll get better if I do this every day. I just have to get over how these aren't supposed to be perfect.


    Yep. That's the struggle. Quicksketching is all about getting that pose locked down in seconds and using the remainder of your time adding more details. Keep up the good work and your mental library will develop nicely. If you do this even for a solid month (at least 30 minutes a day) of say.... 30 second poses, and then SWITCH to a 10 minute pose? Bam! It's like night and day, and frickin' easy to get consistently better work.

    P.S. Don't skip days. It leads to an all-too-familiar procrastination chain.


    Oh, and nice work btw. I can't wait to see how you grow as an artist.


    Thank you so much. I'm only going to improve, gotta stay confident. And yeah. I'm going to make this a daily process before drawing other things.


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