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    So I made a resolution for this year to get back into life drawing after having little to no structure for it for the past few years. I work digitally most of the time so kept to studies digital. I decided I really liked the 30 minute class structure so assigned myself to do 30 days of each (5 days on two days off). It doesn't take too much out of my day but I learn something even if it's only a little.

    I am now on day sixty six and doing the dreaded hands and feet section, but I'm really proud of myself for not missing a day (bar sick days and outings), and I get to see progress as I go along and learn more about myself as an artist too.

    For those interested, heres my day 1 vs day 30 comparisons for figures n faces !

    Day one figures

    Day Thirty Figures

    Day One Faces

    Day Thirty Faces

    So yeah! I'm so glad to have found this site, and I thought I'd show my progress so far. Eventually I'd like to up the class time to an hour but for now I'm happy with what I'm doing.

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    Wow! I'm really impressed with even your Day 1 figures! But your Day 30s definitely show more confidence and commitment in your lines. I'm aiming to work up to your Day 1 level... :)


    Thank you so much! ;u;, and honestly its well worth keeping up. I've now done 30 days of figures, faces and hands and feet, and am now going back to practice gestural/ working with structures for the three. (which at the moment feels very much like going back to the drawing board lol) but its something I'd like to get good at too :D.

    Day One V2 figures!

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