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    Hello, my name is Jeremy and I have been using the site for few months. It is an awesome training tool,my thanks to the creator. I bought a video training course from udemy it is good, real good. I am actually and artist blacksmith. I decided if I really wanted to go somewhere with my blacksmith work I needed to improve my sketching, I have been only really drawing for a year. I would like to post my recent pencil figure study, can anyone tell me the dos and don't on the critique forum? I posted a drawing on another site and was roached out because I did not know the unwritten rules. I just want to get better.

    Sincerely, IronJeremy

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    Hi IronJeremy!

    I'm not sure what kind of unwritten rules you are concerned about. The only ones I can think are that if you are asking for critique, make sure you aren't defensive; receive the advice you get as a gift rather than an attack.

    Here is an article we have about getting the most benefit from critique:

    Here's another about giving useful critique:

    Do these help at all? :)

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