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    These are my most recent drawings.  These are somewhat more complete, but older.

    I've tried various methods for building figures on top of block forms, trying to fix proportions by measuring body parts against each other, and trying to use gesture lines to help convey the rhythm of the figure.

    I'd appreciate any advice in trying to draw more realistically proportioned figures, and creating depth. Time management mainly feels like a perception issue. The more aware I am of time, the more ground I can cover.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Tudore,

    Can you post links to your images so that we know what we are critiquing? :)

    Oh, I see, you linked some of the words. My bad!


    Images for people who can't use the links:



    I see to be having some trouble posting images


    Alright, got it

    Tiny head:

    Older images:

    And just today:



    Proportion issues usually arise by spending too much time on one section at a time. It's best to get things down and visually by going back and forth over the figure evenly.

    First lay down your landmarks without putting ANY detail down. Once you feel the proportions feel like the model or are how you want them, then go in and start putting in your structure and so on. It's good to have a "shorthand" of how you rough in your character so you can get things down quickly without thinking too much. I have a little tutorial that may help a bit over at Take a look at the pages toward the bottom.
    I looked at some of your more recent drawings. Pixelovely Human 40 shows you have a good eye. Just get your form and structure in before you put down your detail.

    I hope that helps!


    Thanks Josh, I'll try to make that a habit.


    Proportion definitely seems to be a challenge here, especially where the head is concerned but other areas as well. I think you will have a lot of improvement with what Josh has suggested, working on mapping out the body in general shapes just to get size and placement correct before refining begins.

    Perhaps you would find it useful as an exercise to spend a few of your practice sessions doing NO details, just trying to create the body through shapes that are proportional to one another.

    Also, for some quick rules of thumb, you might find this video helpful: 

    It's scheduled to appear in the technique blog later in the month, but I thought I'd mention it since you seem to be struggling with this issue right now. :)

    Deleted user

    I know how you feel, proportions are so hard to keep up. I gotta say, you've shown such potential  The fifth one has such skinny, bony arms. Try to put some muscles in those arms. your work looks like as if you've outlined everything, try to put some shapes in it. Shapes like ovals, squares and cylinders. I hope this help so much!

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