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    I've been hearing people suggest to me to become more confident in my strokes. This confuses me more often than not as I have little clue to even practice that. I feel like I get the gist of the idea, which is to draw a stronger, straighter line, but I feel that's hard to achieve. Does anyone have any tips to improve confidence in my strokes?

    If you want an example of my drawings here: (It's pretty crummy and they're 30 second ones)


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    One of the main tricks for this is to draw from the elbow or shoulder, not from the wrist. This can give you very large, long, swooping lines.

    I'd also suggest you try our short drawing tutorial if you haven't already, it will have a lot of suggestions about stuff to do in your 30 seconds: https://line-of-action.com/learn-to-draw


    The idea is:
    Lightness in hands and firmness in the trace! Imagine that the pencil or whatever the tool in the hands of an artist for some time, be compared to the fluidity of a regent, uknow?
    Try to feel this lightness, the form, surface, don't try to copy, but analyze, the key to drawing is there, to analyze and not copy.
    and do not skip the basics of drawing, understand that the more advanced you are, more basic you need, an improved basics.

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