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    Didn't know exactly where to post this... while I would love cirtiques I just wanted to let people know that I'm using this site on my youtube series. I think I'm going to do some gestures daily from the site.


    Thanks for the awesome tool.

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    Fascinating to watch. I so rarely see what people actually are doing with these tools! Do you ever do underlying structure work before starting on the outward form? I saw some rough sketches that were then fleshed out, but it looked like it was more of "what you saw" than what was under the skin.

    I'm so used to drawing with pencil and paper that I was utterly tickled to see you use the paint bucket to change the background to black or grey depending on the value of the reference image.

    Deleted user

    You are so good with Photoshop! Do you think you can teach me some things on how to use Photoshop? Because I've always wanted to try Photoshop. I've tried Gimp for the past two and a half months now, and the results were kind of pixely.

    Plus, you've simplified the shadow and highlights really well.

    Other than that, good job!

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