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    Hello everyone! I love the community and the website and everything! I just started drawing again after about 4? 5 years of moving over to strictly graphic design. It is actually painful to practice something u are not good at BUT just keep practicing right?

    I need some advice! I am trying to get the forms in as little strokes as possible but I'm not even sure that its good for me. I try to do those especially on the 30 second studies. Please please please just tell me anything that you think would help. (My hands and feet are complete *beep*, I will work on them after the figure studies)

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    Hey itsjey! No worries, I removed your accidental double posts for you. :)

    Please keep on practicing, I see a lot of potential in your gestures! It's true that there are 'preferred' methods to do gestures, but they're not very useful if they don't help you to learn, right? Not everyone learns the same way, and that's fine but should be kept in mind too. You've made good efforts at drawing gestures this way, but maybe you'd benefit from a different approach. What is the goal you're working towards with your gestures, in concise terms? Do you want to improve the visualization of motion, or do you want to work on proportions?

    Also, ask yourself what you don't like about your current gestures and write that down. Also write down what you do like! Once you have an idea of what's good and what needs improvement, alongside a solid 'mission statement' so to speak, you can really start working on improving your techniques. :)

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