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    I've been an artist for years and while my strengths and weaknesses fluctuate, I've always consistently sucked at drawing hands. I started using the hand drawing tool a couple of months back and I've just finished up my first sketchbook (lovingly dubbed the handy dandy notebook). Looking back through them, I honestly can't say I prefer the latest drawings to the ones I did at the very start, but I've been alive long enough to realise progress isn't always strictly linear.

    This certainly hasn't been a daily thing, barely even scraping a weekly endeavour sometimes, but finishing the whole notebook has given me the sense of accomplishment I need to take this to another level, aka. posting my wretched hands to this forum. On one hand (hah) it doesn't look like batch uploads are possible on this forum so this could potentially take a while. On the other hand, I am procrastinating on emails right now. On the other-other hand, which I keep hidden under my shirt most days, it seems this forum is pretty deserted beside that one guy desperately trying to forge academic transcripts, to whom I say, "Bruh. We all know how to use photoshop here. 放松."

    So. Potentially there's actually only one person here to bear witness to my shame, and luckily he's clearly got some other things weighing heavy on his mind.

    Here's a sneak preview of the hilarity to come, whilst I calculate the """efficiency""" of uploading over a hundred images to tinypic.

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    Alright. 40 minutes later and I've decided to compile the whole lot into a pdf and just link it, because while each and every drawing is the beloved mutant child of my fevered mind and I can pore lovingly over their grotesque geometries for hours, I'm gonna take pity on the intrepid document forger and his hardworking spambot sidekick, and just make it a thing you can flick through in a couple of seconds.


    One hundred pages and I only Victor-Frankensteined eight, not a bad turnout, all told.

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    Ahoy! I'm here for Forum Posting Round 2, Electric Boogaloo. This time with added bodies!

    I decided to take a break from all the hands and dedicate some effort towards actual life-drawing for once. Critique is very much appreciated for obvious reasons (Proportions? I hardly knew ye.)

    So, here they are. I'm not gonna say these drawings were half-assed because me mam taught me better than to be anything other than a whole-ass kinda guy, but I will admit that they do kind of give off a sort of partial-buttock kind of vibe. I just want you to know that I tried.

    (Also dang can we talk about how the Asian forger and his spambot got Thanos'd straight off this site? Who knew there were actual people here under all that felony?)


    Hey!! Would you look at that, someone's actually on the forums (kinda)

    I really did just make an account to reply to this loll I just really love the way you drew those hands!! Honestly, I could look at those hands every day and not get tired of them, perhaps partially because I'm a big fan of hands, but also... those are some nice hands.

    For advice, I don't really think I'm qualified for that (oops) but I did take a figure drawing class recently, and the results of it were pretty good, as far as I'm concerned. Based on what I was told (and also doing this myself), I think it would be beneficial if you practiced shapes instead of going for lines straight away. I think it's obvious you have experience in art, but sometimes certain parts feel flat or kind of off, like lines rather than a 3d form.

    Hopefully, someone more knowledgable can give you a helping hand (!), but in the meantime, I really like how they look, even if they aren't perfect. If it's not a bother, I would certainly like to see more of your art. :)


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