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    I've been using the website for a few months now and decided to subscribe to more support to help me with drawing. One of the features I was really curious about was the tips mode for class drawings, but there seems to be a bug... the timer doesn't appear and it doesn't advance on its own, and I haven't seen any tips, either.

    Here's my setup, in case maybe my specific settings are causing problems:

    1. Figure drawing practice tool
    2. Only covered models
    3. Both genders
    4. Ages: Adult
    5. No poses/views/etc excluded/required
    6. Class mode, 30 minutes
    7. Show tips

    One thing I noticed is that the class mode works just fine if I don't have 'Show suggestions/tips' checked. Am I missing something?


    Please support Line of Action

    Support us to remove this


    Hi Zack,

    What browser/version and device are you using to view the site? :)


    Hi Kim,

    Sorry about that, I was away for a week. I am using Firefox 89.0.2 on a Linux system (Mint 20.04 specifically)

    EDIT: I tried on another laptop. This one is a Windows 10 machine. I see the same thing happening in Firefox 89.0.2, Microsoft Edge 91, Google Chrome 91, and Internet Explorer 20H2.

    EDIT 2: It also happens on my Android phone using Firefox 89

    I notice that when in tips mode, it seems to act like it's still trying to load something... I don't have the loading bar outside of tips mode

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