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    I'm not a complete beginner but this is my first time posting and I would appreciate some honest and thorough feedback

    Some notes:
    I sometimes get the feeling that my 30 secs and 1 mins are too detailed but I also can't get into drawing one line for each for limb

    The 10 min pose was complicated for me so I did a lot of erasing and made it muddy

    I'm having trouble with legs so any advice would be great (you can tell in my 25 min one

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    I saw your drawings I'm gonna be honest you should watch Proko video on gesture because in your work you add way too much detail it's supposed to be focused on fluidity movement and stick for a long time in 30 second before going to 1 to 2 minutes to learn to see form rather than shapes you're a beginner despite what you say Don't be ashamed to be newbie everyone started like that


    And it's extremely stiff beause I can feel how you overthink in front of a drawer in


    Nicest job on your very first post, JianPhoenix. Nicest job on your 1 hour class drawings of the figures so far.

    So my suggestion is two critiques: 1) your lines are farther too itchy for your own good. 2) your gestures need even more looseness and freedom of emotion inside. Would you please loosen and speed up your dominant and non-dominant hands with your first ever 30 minute class mode (if you haven't already)?

    The reason why you could and should do this suggestion or two is as a result, your lines and lines of balance will become the most weighty, lively and cartoony and exaggerated in your quick sketches.

    For more inspiration, be sure to look up the Proko videos for free online on YouTube on gesture drawing. Good luck to you and your goals.


    Looking through the gestures as a whole, I can tell you focus a lot on details and shaping of the forms. Maybe that's what's holding you back in the 30-seconds. Try and shorten those stick figures to 10 seconds and see if you can't get more in from there.


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