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    Hi, can I get some feedback on my 1 min poses please? I feel like I'm not grasping something pertaining to gesture. Thanks!

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    Well, Jon_draws1242, Ok, I love your 1 minute poses, but I have to say that you're on the right track.

    My issue is that some of the fast poses are a bit too stiffest. Why don't you please loosen yourself up to the max, with 149 minutes of 30 second attitude sketches?????? (149 x 60/30, 8940/30=298 spontaneous scribbles of figures, no offense :))

    I really, really feel that it'll be finer that although your rapid lightning poses will become nothing but scribbles, so just please trust me? You'll be able to kiss the paper more effectively and boldly.

    The reasons why is because of two reasons: First of all, it's to help make your poses less stiffer, and the most dynamic, energetic, and fluid; and if that's gonna be your next goal, then so be it. And second, to help out on the improvements of the human figure thru the static and dynamic.

    My hat's off to you, and I hope you've found these definitely and absolutely beneficial, helpful, and encouraging.

    In the meantime, scope this YouTube video down below:

    Good luck from me to you, and happy sketching! :)


    I love your fluid lines - you're really exaggerating forms and making them dynamic, and so they're coming across as really fluid and organic. I think one thing you could focus on is making the forms more readable - gesture is all about capturing the main essence of the pose - so taking an extra second or two to really study the figure before you start might help - I'm also guilty of using a lot of lines when I do gesture, and I'm trying to reduce the lines I put on the page and make them really fluid and make the gesture readable. I hope that makes sense! Proko's videos on gesture have been tremendously helpful for my gesture drawing - you can find them on YouTube if you're not familiar.


    Thank you so much! I was worried that I was not capturing the dynamic movement of the models! I will use your suggestions right away!!!

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