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    Hey, I'd really like for you all to critique my 1 minute gesture drawings.

    I kinda kept my mind pretty blank and tried to just 'follow' the flow of the body and draw it out. I also tried to be somewhat loose and quick with my pencil.

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    I love the lines of animation and action, Pomdedetree. Great work on loosening yourself up on your rhythmic edges you've gotten into your attitudes.

    Yet, I've been duplicating, grayscaling, flipping and rotating those pictures, and I must do say that you're gettin' somewhere on the burlesque aspect of the scribbles, however, I totally want, and need to look for more, more, more, and more of that in the next post. Would you please go for 147 more minutes of 29 second life poses????????? (147 x 60/29, 8820/29=304 gestural sketches)

    I really feel that it's all right to be even more sketchy in your next set of sketches, as a result, your animation speed will improve in record time.

    The reason why you could and would and should do this little, tinier suggestion is because, your poses for animation will become the least stiffest and the most fluid and lively. I think and feel that you'll really make your own flip book on sticky notes just by quick sketching.

    Look at this little video right here to get you started:

    My hat's off to you on your future goals and posts, and I hope you've found these completely and positively productive and encouraging.

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