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    I am trying to get used to this. Please critique my drawings so I can do better !

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    Great job, napaurelie, great job on your 30 minute drawing class! Keep up the great job! If I were to give you much more feedback, I would really clearly say to do a figure study in 20 minutes (1200 seconds), would you, please?

    BTW, thanks on your post.

    Cheers to you,

    Polyvios Animations.

    P.S. Are you familiar with line-speed-beauty, or not?


    Thank you for your response !
    I certainly will try a figure study in 20 minutes soon !
    I didn't know about line-speed-beauty before, but I just checked on the Internet. So I have to work on doing perfect studies, then make them perfect and quick, and then add my artistic touch, is that it ?


    here is what i had time to do. some of it is unintelligible dont worry im only autistic keep up the good work

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    Try drawing the indiviual body parts by themselves and then connect some of them once in a while.

    Not sure how much daily practise time you do, but I do a minimum of 3hrs thru out the whole day and night that i am not at work or eating.....put in the practise time is what alot of us are telling you beginners and save the not so great early pieces for comparision of later.


    Thank you for your advices !
    I am trying to keep practicing.

    Here is what I did today. They're 60 seconds studies. I don't really know if that's better or not. I tried to incorporate your advices.

    I tried to do it on Photoshop this time.


    i am pleased to say that u are progressing!!! here is my thts on your last drawings.


    Honestly It depends on what you are going for. Your drawings a little stiff. I would go looser and not focus too much on muscles in these quick ones yet. I would focus on doing the "bean" on the torso and the line of action. For classical feel free to draw through the form (you focus a lot on the outside contour). You can darken the countour after selectively. A good excersize for this is try not pick up your pencil when you do the gestures. For animation style definitely focus on that line of action and make the contour line as long as you can.

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    Thank you for your advices.
    I do have a hard time focusing on the line of action :( I am going to train that without time limit first.
    I will be back with more drawings soon :)

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