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    Uhm, I think you should focus on how the figure looks in its totallity before starting to do details. The torso seems quite static and the waist is a little small, keep in mind that the cavity between the rib cage and the pelvis contains organs; usually the proportion (realistically) is waist = 1 head in its lenght or bigger, but never smaller. Also you did the knees and ankles a bit thin, making the feet look out of scale. Don't worry too much, these are issues that you can correct easily by observing more accurately the relationship between the different parts of the body.

    This is my opinion, don't took it too seriously as I'm trying to give you some advice, not to demotivate.

    ps: I'm sorry if I couldn't explain things more clearly, english isn't my native language.


    I agree with WK28
    My first question for you is how often do you practice gesture? How often do you do 30 second or 1 minute poses? The goal of these is to help you see the entire figure as a whole and not individual parts.

    You fell into a trap so many artists do
    As you focused on each part, you added it on to where you started. Either the head or the torso, I'm going to guess you started at the head, then hung the torso off of that, and then did each limb.

    What happened is that as you focused on each part your perception of the proportion of that figure altered slightly and that is reflected in your image.

    You need to practice your line of action, and gestures. To get the figure as a whole down.

    Then when you do a 10 minute gesture you need to start with a line of action and build off of that.


    Yeah my lines of action could definitely use some work. Recently I had been drawing lines of action as "spines" and they'd more often than not resemble elongated S's. Then I did some reading on here and found out that's the exact opposite of what a line of action is supposed to look like.

    I felt pretty dumb afterwards. but now I can finally practice it the right way.

    I appreciate you taking time out of your day to critique my "high quality" art. I'll take your advice and focus on learning to crawl before I challenge Usain Bolt to a race.

    Also, you pretty much hit the nail on the head when it came to describing the order I started drawing the figure in.

    EDIT: Oh yeah I forgot, I've been gesture drawing for 8 days now and I mostly focus on class mode for 30 minutes, I normally switch between people and hands and occasionally I'll draw 10 thirty second sketches of whichever one I didn't just draw and sometimes if i'm up for it i'll draw 10 faces with the same time limit.


    I do have a tendency to just rush and put something that kinda resembles the figure on drawing on the page and the pick an individual body part and refine it i'm satisfied with it, or I don't know how to fix it.

    I'll try and focus on looking at my figure as on complete thing and not just a couple of body parts that make it up.

    Thanks a bunch for your critique and advice


    I was going to say that I think your next focus of practice should be looking at the figure as a whole, in order to improve proportions, but it looks like you've already got wonderful advice and committed to that as your next practice goal!

    So I'll just say this instead: Your practice schedule sounds great and your attitude about getting to practice the "right" way is perfect. Keep at it! :)

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