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    Hello, so i got struggle when draw this just for 2 minutes. This is what i got for 2 minutes drawing. So, do you guys have some tips to improve my drawing ? or maybe a step to improving my skill ? thanks! :)

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    Keep doing what your are doing, most of this isn't bad at all and looks like you are on your way to becoming a great artist.

    From the looks of your current progress you might focus on some drafting exercises to learn decisive line control and perspective.

    If you really want to dive deep into this you can check out a really great book on drawing and perspective by Scott Robertson called "how to draw - drawing and clutching objects from your imagination" . Really great! Highly recommend.

    if you want an overview of this or something less in depth (but also really helpful) try "modern day james" on YouTube. There are some great videos on draftsmanship and excercises that really inspire

    Also one more, there is a website called 'drama box' that has tons of resources for daily practice to get better at controlling the tools we use to create with.

    The biggest improvement I can see that you can make with the samples given is a better understanding of 3 dimensional volumes. I practice drawing cubes, spheres, cylinders etc and overlapping them, trying to envision drawing through and maintain size of shape, volume etc all in perspective.

    this daily practice for just a few minutes before you draw everyday will show an amazing increase in your ability

    I also noticed on one page you were drawing with maybe a brush pen? And the line thickness may be getting in your way a bit to finesse the shapes etc.

    I would suggest you keep using this but only to get better with the tool and dont be too hard on yourself when it comes to critiquing the drawing as different mediums that are new or foreign to us might not be the best judgement of our overall progress. Try only to critique your work from tools you feel competent with

    but be brave and dont get discouraged with different mediums just because you aren't getting the results you want, because that's the point. Keep doing it!


    Nice work, alfeilia, I've seen your gestural poses so far, that's very brave of you, indeed. You've chosen the path to be a much more greater artist than you've ever dreamed of.

    If I could recommend you an improvement, then it would be to caricature and exaggerate the poses and attitudes even more looser and unbounded. Why don't you please warm up with 41 minutes of 30-second figure studies?

    The reason why is because, your relationships will become much insightful and sensitive, and your line quality and consistency will become even more bolder and lightest.

    Hope it's been completely and totally active.


    These are great!

    I'd recommend trying to get a little looser with your mark-making, worry less about perfect lines and little details like fingers and facial features and worry about capturing the expression of the pose. Think about what is being exaggerated.



    I like the way you try to capture the gesture by using a blue line to indicate the major flow. My suggestion is to try putting less effort into details like hair or face when you are doing quick drawings (or just ignore them and draw a rough shape for the head lol). If you reallocate the time spent on details to address proportions, your drawings will improve really fast.

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