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    these are the new study practice I did, i spent 30 seconds for each one of these (sorta). so here they are.

    these are the references

    I did all of this without a plan and I don't think I learned a something from what I did.

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    Good day, Idon'tknow. You know, I think you're doing the greatest of jobs on your most grace and flow and dynamics in your figures. Please keep up the greatest jobs, but I'm not getting enough exaggerations of your c's and s's. How would you care to go for 16 minutes of 30 second poses, using your shoulders, dominant and non-dominant?(32 scribbles)

    The reason why you could and would go ahead with this constructive critique is because your lines of action and balance and rhythm can and will become the most forceful in delivery and execution. For most influences, please look into Drawn to Life by Walt Stanchfield, in 2 Volumes.

    Good luck from me to you.


    thanks, but, I want to improve? I don't even have high stadards even one simple thing I can change, one step at a time


    Thanks, but what are you trying to say clearly?


    I do not know how i can improve, i am simply doing this activity at repetition and i feel stagnating


    Say, I've got a great idea. What if you pick a concrete goal for yourself, so that you wouldn't always be going on that wilder goose chase for improvement.See?


    What goal you want to propose me? I tried searching it around, seeing videos online, but i never found one.


    Tell you what, Idon'tknow, what if your first goal would and could be to understand the basics of rendering, please? It's simple, please.

    Thank you.


    I absolutely thank you. I will try that now and I am sure I will learn


    Your lines are confident and smooth and I really like the movement in your drawings


    You're doing really well capturing the motion, simplifying shapes, and making readable poses for 30 sec drawings. Keep up the practice! Your lines are confident and the poses are interesting.

    I think if you practice making slow, deliberate lines in longer drawings it would help you get more refined lineart, and less retracing.

    Keep up the good work! :)


    I am really sorry, for some reason when i try to upload the references on imgur, the site does not save the link and when you open it says 404. I have still the images, if I knew how to make you see them that would be great



    First congratulationfor what you have done. Igf you feel like you're on a stagnation that means that you're on the good way. Stagnation is part of the process so you'll have to bear it.

    For your gestures you should think in 3D. Words can't describe what I try to tell you, but you should sketch alongside a video. I'll purpose you the Michael Hampton's methods until it works like a cheatcode in a videogame/

    Best of luck mate


    I would say, you have a great eye for the gestures, now maybe add in dots or circles for the joints, so do the gesture lines like a stick man, then add iin the joints. Stick to 30 second sketches and don't worry about the outlines of the body.

    At this point you should be becoming more aware of the anatomy. So once you can get down the joints, add in the head, rib cage (like a simple egg shape) and pelvis, you can try this at 2 minutes, then 1 minute, then drop down to 30 seconds once you become more confident. Again, don't worry about the outlines of the body, just try to visualise the structure as this will give the body a strong foundation of gesture, proportion and strength.

    Practice this...a lot and every time you go to a live life session.

    Once you get into longer poses and can add in the muscles and skin, the strength of the gesture and underpinning will really stand out if you do this exercise FIRST. Just becasue you might have 10-15-20 minutes, don't slow down, image it's a 1/2 minute pose, quickly act capturing the gesture, joints, head and hip in proportion as otherwise you'll lose some of the energy and dynamism of the pose!

    Keep up the good work!

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